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# | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Type – ————————————– ————————————– ——— ——— —— 1 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-11 11-0 | SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-11 11-0 | Yes | No | yast2 2 | Suse11SP2 | Suse11SP2 | Yes | No | yast2 Loading repository data… After the operation, additional 687.5 M will be used. The following packages are going to be upgraded: Console Kit Console Kit-32bit Console Kit-x11 Mesa Mesa-32bit Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox-branding-SLED Mozilla Firefox-translations Network Manager-glib Open EXR Open IPMI Policy Kit Policy Kit-32bit Policy Kit-doc Policy Kit-gnome Policy Kit-gnome-libs Policy Kit-gnome-libs-32bit Su SEfirewall2 a2ps aaa_base acl acpid akonadi-runtime alsa alsa-plugins alsa-plugins-pulse apparmor-admin_en apparmor-docs apparmor-parser apparmor-profiles apparmor-utils at at-spi at-spi-32bit at-spi-lang atk atk-lang audiofile audiofile-32bit audit audit-audispd-plugins audit-libs audit-libs-32bit audit-libs-python autofs autoyast2 autoyast2-installation bash bash-doc bind-libs bind-libs-32bit bind-utils binutils blktrace bluez bootsplash branding-SLES bzip2 cairo cairo-32bit cdparanoia cdrkit-cdrtools-compat cmpi-bindings-pywbem command-not-found coreutils coreutils-lang cpio cpio-lang cpp43 cracklib cracklib-32bit crash crash-sial cron cryptconfig cryptconfig-32bit cryptsetup cups cups-autoconfig cups-client cups-libs cups-libs-32bit curl cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-32bit cyrus-sasl-crammd5 cyrus-sasl-digestmd5 cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-gssapi-32bit cyrus-sasl-plain cyrus-sasl-plain-32bit dasher dasher-lang dbus-1 dbus-1-32bit dbus-1-glib dbus-1-glib-32bit dbus-1-python dbus-1-qt3 dbus-1-x11 dejavu delayacct-utils desktop-data-SLED desktop-data-SLES-extra-gnome desktop-translations device-mapper device-mapper-32bit dhcpcd dialog diffutils dmapi dmraid dos2unix dosfstools e2fsprogs ed efibootmgr eject elfutils elilo emacs emacs-info emacs-x11 enscript eog eog-lang ethtool evince evince-lang evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-32bit evolution-data-server-lang expat expect file file-32bit file-roller file-roller-lang filesystem findutils foomatic-filters freetype2 freetype2-32bit fuse gawk gcalctool gcalctool-lang gcc43 gcc43-32bit gcc43-c gcc43-info gcc43-locale gconf-editor gconf-editor-lang gconf2 gconf2-32bit gconf2-branding-SLES gconf2-lang gdb gdm gdm-branding-upstream gdm-lang gedit gedit-lang genisoimage gfxboot gfxboot-branding-SLES ghostscript-fonts-other ghostscript-fonts-std ghostscript-library ghostscript-omni ghostscript-x11 glib2 glib2-lang glibc glibc-32bit glibc-devel glibc-devel-32bit glibc-i18ndata glibc-info glibc-locale glibc-locale-32bit glibmm2 gmime gnokii gnome-applets gnome-applets-lang gnome-control-center gnome-control-center-lang gnome-desktop gnome-desktop-lang gnome-doc-utils gnome-icon-theme gnome-keyring gnome-keyring-32bit gnome-keyring-lang gnome-mag gnome-mag-lang gnome-main-menu gnome-main-menu-lang gnome-media gnome-media-lang gnome-menus gnome-menus-editor gnome-menus-lang gnome-mime-data gnome-mount gnome-mount-lang gnome-nettool gnome-nettool-lang gnome-panel gnome-panel-32bit gnome-panel-lang gnome-power-manager gnome-power-manager-lang gnome-python-desktop gnome-screensaver gnome-screensaver-lang gnome-session gnome-session-lang gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon-lang gnome-speech gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-monitor-lang gnome-terminal gnome-terminal-lang gnome-themes gnome-utils gnome-utils-lang gnome-vfs2 gnome-vfs2-32bit gnome-vfs2-lang gok gok-lang gpg2 gpg2-lang grep groff grub gstreamer-0_10 gstreamer-0_10-lang gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-lang gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good gstreamer-0_10-plugins-good-lang gtk2 gtk2-32bit gtk2-lang gtk2-theme-SLED gtkmm2 gtksourceview-lang gucharmap gucharmap-lang gvfs gvfs-backends gvfs-fuse gvfs-lang gzip hal hal-32bit hdparm hplip hplip-hpijs hwinfo icedax input-utils insserv inst-source-utils ipmitool iproute2 iptables iputils irqbalance ivman java-1_6_0-ibm java-1_6_0-ibm-fonts java-1_6_0-ibm-jdbc k3b k3b-lang kbd kde-susetranslations kde4-filesystem kde4-kgreeter-plugins kde4-kupdateapplet kdebase4 kdebase4-SLED kdebase4-SLED-lang kdebase4-libkonq kdebase4-runtime kdebase4-session kdebase4-wallpapers kdebase4-workspace kdebase4-workspace-branding-SLED kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd kdelibs3 kdelibs3-default-style kdelibs4 kdelibs4-core kdenetwork4-filesharing kdepim4 kdepim4-wizards kdepimlibs4 kdump kernel-default kernel-default-base kernel-source kexec-tools klogd kpartx krb5 krb5-32bit ksh lcms lib HX13 lib HX13-32bit lib Magick Core1 lib Qt Web Kit4 libacl libacl-32bit libaio libaio-32bit libaio-devel libaio-devel-32bit libakonadi4 libakonadiprotocolinternals1 libapparmor1 libart_lgpl libart_lgpl-32bit libasm1 libasound2 libasound2-32bit libatk-1_0-0 libatk-1_0-0-32bit libavahi-client3 libavahi-client3-32bit libavahi-common3 libavahi-common3-32bit libavahi-glib1 libavahi-glib1-32bit libblkid1 libbluetooth3 libbonobo libbonobo-32bit libbonobo-lang libbonoboui libbonoboui-32bit libbonoboui-lang libbz2-1 libbz2-1-32bit libcanberra-gtk libcanberra-gtk-32bit libcanberra-gtk0 libcanberra-gtk0-32bit libcanberra0 libcanberra0-32bit libcap2 libcap2-32bit libcom_err2 libcom_err2-32bit libcryptsetup0 libcurl4 libcurl4-32bit libdns_sd libdrm libdrm-32bit libdw1 libebl1 libelf0 libelf1 libesd0 libesd0-32bit libesmtp libexpat1 libexpat1-32bit libext2fs2 libfprint0 libfuse2 libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-32bit libgimpprint libgio-2_0-0 libgio-2_0-0-32bit libglade2 libglade2-32bit libglib-2_0-0 libglib-2_0-0-32bit libgmime-2_0-3 libgmodule-2_0-0 libgmodule-2_0-0-32bit libgnome libgnome-32bit libgnome-lang libgnome-menu2 libgnome-menu2-32bit libgnomecanvas libgnomecanvas-32bit libgnomecanvas-lang libgnomekbd libgnomekbd-lang libgnomeprint libgnomeprint-lang libgnomeprintui libgnomeprintui-lang libgnomesu libgnomesu-lang libgnomesu0 libgnomeui libgnomeui-32bit libgnomeui-lang libgnutls26 libgnutls26-32bit libgobject-2_0-0 libgobject-2_0-0-32bit libgpg-error0 libgpg-error0-32bit libgphoto2 libgphoto2-lang libgssglue1 libgstinterfaces-0_10-0 libgstreamer-0_10-0 libgstreamer-0_10-0-32bit libgthread-2_0-0 libgthread-2_0-0-32bit libgtksourceview-2_0-0 libgtop libgtop-2_0-7 libgtop-lang libgvfscommon0 libgweather libgweather-lang libgweather1 libgweather1-32bit libical0 libicu libidl libidl-32bit libjasper libjasper-32bit libkde4 libkdecore4 libkdepim4 libkdepimlibs4 libkonq5 liblcms1 liblcms1-32bit libldap-2_4-2 libldap-2_4-2-32bit libldapcpp1 libltdl7 libltdl7-32bit libmysqlclient15 libmysqlclient_r15 libnetpbm10 libnetpbm10-32bit libnotify libnotify1 libnuma1 libopensc2 libopensc2-32bit libopenssl0_9_8 libopenssl0_9_8-32bit libpangomm-1_4-1 libpcap0 libphonon4 libpng12-0 libpng12-0-32bit libpoppler-glib4 libpoppler-qt4-3 libpulse0 libpulse0-32bit libpython2_6-1_0 libqca2 libqimageblitz4 libqt4 libqt4-32bit libqt4-qt3support libqt4-sql libqt4-sql-32bit libqt4-sql-mysql libqt4-x11 libqt4-x11-32bit libreadline5 librsvg librsvg-32bit libselinux1 libselinux1-32bit libsensors4 libsepol1 libsepol1-32bit libsmbclient0 libsmbclient0-32bit libsmbios2 libsndfile libsnmp15 libsoprano4 libsoup-2_4-1 libsoup-2_4-1-32bit libsqlite3-0 libsqlite3-0-32bit libssh2-1 libstdc 43-devel libstdc 43-devel-32bit libstrigi0 libtasn1 libtasn1-3 libtdb1 libtdb1-32bit libtheora0 libtiff3 libtiff3-32bit libtirpc1 libtool libtool-32bit libusb-0_1-4 libuuid1 libuuid1-32bit libvorbis libvorbis-32bit libwbclient0 libwbclient0-32bit libwnck libwnck-1-22 libwnck-1-22-32bit libwnck-lang libwsman1 libxcrypt libxcrypt-32bit libxml2 libxml2-32bit libxml2-python libzip1 libzypp limal limal-ca-mgm limal-ca-mgm-perl limal-nfs-server limal-nfs-server-perl limal-perl linux-kernel-headers login logrotate lsb lsof lsscsi lvm2 makedumpfile man-pages mcelog mdadm metacity metacity-lang microcode_ctl mkinitrd module-init-tools mozilla-nspr mozilla-nspr-32bit mozilla-nss mozilla-nss-32bit multipath-tools mutt mysql mysql-client nautilus nautilus-32bit nautilus-cd-burner nautilus-cd-burner-32bit nautilus-cd-burner-lang nautilus-lang nautilus-open-terminal nautilus-open-terminal-lang nautilus-share nautilus-share-lang net-tools netcfg netpbm nfs-client nfs-doc notification-daemon notification-daemon-lang nscd ntp numactl openldap2 openldap2-client opensc opensc-32bit openslp openslp-32bit openslp-server openssh openssh-askpass openssl openssl-certs openwsman-client openwsman-server opie opie-32bit orarun orbit2 orbit2-32bit oxygen-icon-theme oxygen-icon-theme-scalable pam pam-32bit pam-config pam-doc pam-modules pam-modules-32bit pam_mount pam_mount-32bit pango pango-32bit parted parted-32bit patch pciutils pciutils-32bit pciutils-ids pcsc-lite pcsc-lite-32bit perl perl-32bit perl-Bootloader perl-Crypt-SSLeay perl-HTML-Parser perl-IO-Socket-SSL perl-base perl-doc perl-libwww-perl perl-satsolver perl-spamassassin permissions phonon phonon-backend-gstreamer-0_10 pinentry pinentry-qt plasma-theme-aya pm-profiler pm-utils pmtools poppler-data poppler-tools popt popt-32bit postfix ppp procmail procps psmisc pulseaudio pulseaudio-esound-compat pwdutils pwdutils-plugin-audit python python-base python-gnome-menus python-gobject2 python-gtk python-notify python-qt4 python-satsolver python-sip python-xml pyxml quota rarian readline-doc release-notes-sles rpm rpm-32bit rpm-python rsh rsvg-view rsync samba samba-32bit samba-client sane-backends sash satsolver-tools sax2 sax2-gui sax2-ident sax2-libsax sax2-libsax-perl sax2-tools sblim-cmpi-base sblim-sfcb sblim-sfcc sblim-wbemcli scout screen sg3_utils shared-mime-info sles-admin_en-pdf sles-deployment_en-pdf sles-installquick_en-pdf sles-manuals_en sles-release sles-release-DVD sles-security_en-pdf sles-storage_en-pdf smartmontools smis-providers snmp-mibs soprano soprano-backend-redland spamassassin sqlite3 star strace strace-32bit sudo supportutils suse-build-key suse-sam suse Register suspend sysconfig sysfsutils sysfsutils-32bit syslinux syslog-ng sysstat sysstat-isag system-config-printer system-config-printer-lang sysvinit t1lib tango-icon-theme tar tcsh tightvnc timezone timezone-java tk tk-32bit totem-pl-parser totem-pl-parser-lang udev ulimit unzip usbutils utempter utempter-32bit util-linux util-linux-lang uuid-runtime vim vim-base vim-data vino vino-lang vlan vsftpd vte vte-doc vte-lang w3m wget wireless-tools wodim x86info xfsprogs xinetd xkeyboard-config xlockmore xorg-x11 xorg-x11-Xvnc xorg-x11-driver-input xorg-x11-driver-video xorg-x11-driver-video-radeonhd xorg-x11-driver-video-unichrome xorg-x11-lib X11 xorg-x11-lib X11-32bit xorg-x11-lib Xext xorg-x11-lib Xext-32bit xorg-x11-libs xorg-x11-libs-32bit xorg-x11-libxcb xorg-x11-libxcb-32bit xorg-x11-server xorg-x11-server-extra xorg-x11-xauth xscreensaver yast2 yast2-add-on yast2-add-on-creator yast2-apparmor yast2-audit-laf yast2-autofs yast2-backup yast2-bootloader yast2-ca-management yast2-control-center yast2-control-center-gnome yast2-control-center-qt yast2-core yast2-country yast2-country-data yast2-dhcp-server yast2-dirinstall yast2-dns-server yast2-fingerprint-reader yast2-firewall yast2-ftp-server yast2-hardware-detection yast2-http-server yast2-installation yast2-instserver yast2-irda yast2-iscsi-client yast2-iscsi-server yast2-isns yast2-kdump yast2-kerberos-client yast2-kerberos-server yast2-ldap yast2-ldap-client yast2-ldap-server yast2-libyui yast2-mail yast2-mail-plugins yast2-ncurses yast2-ncurses-pkg yast2-network yast2-nfs-client yast2-nfs-common yast2-nfs-server yast2-nis-client yast2-ntp-client yast2-online-update yast2-online-update-frontend yast2-packager yast2-pam yast2-perl-bindings yast2-pkg-bindings yast2-power-management yast2-printer yast2-profile-manager yast2-python-bindings yast2-qt yast2-qt-pkg yast2-registration yast2-registration-branding-SLE yast2-repair yast2-restore yast2-runlevel yast2-samba-client yast2-samba-server yast2-schema yast2-security yast2-slp-server yast2-sound yast2-squid yast2-storage yast2-storage-lib yast2-support yast2-theme-SLE yast2-trans-en_US yast2-transfer yast2-update yast2-users yast2-vm yast2-wagon yast2-x11 yast2-ycp-ui-bindings yelp yelp-lang yp-tools zenity zenity-lang zip zypper The following product is going to be upgraded: SUSE_SLES The following NEW packages are going to be installed: Package Kit Package Kit-lang akregator ark augeas-lenses blt brasero brasero-lang bridge-utils cifs-utils dolphin gnome-doc-utils-lang gwenview haveged kaddressbook kalarm kcalc kde4-kupdateapplet-packagekit kdebase4-runtime-branding-SLED kdelibs4-branding-SLED kdepasswd kdepim4-runtime kdessh kdialog kdm kdm-branding-SLED keditbookmarks kernel-default-devel kernel-firmware kfind kfloppy kgpg kio_sysinfo kio_sysinfo-branding-SLED kiosktool kmail kmix knotes konqueror konqueror-plugins konqueror-plugins-lang konsole kontact kopete korganizer ksnapshot ktimetracker kwalletmanager kwikdisk kwin kwrite lib FLAC8-32bit libaugeas0 libblkid1-32bit libboost_program_options1_36_0 libbrasero-burn0 libbrasero-media0 libcdda_interface0 libcdda_paranoia0 libcolorblind0 libfreebl3 libfreebl3-32bit libgcc46 libgcc46-32bit libgmime-2_4-2 libgnome-desktop-2-11 libgnome-desktop-2-11-32bit libgnome-window-settings1 libgomp46 libgomp46-32bit libgstapp-0_10-0 libical0-32bit libjack0 libkexiv2-7 libkipi6 libknotificationitem-1-1 libldb1 liblzma5 liblzma5-32bit libmsn0_1 liborc-0_4-0 libpackagekit-glib10 libpciaccess0 libpciaccess0-32bit libpixman-1-0 libpixman-1-0-32bit libpolkit-qt0 libpoppler5 libproxy0 libproxy0-32bit libproxy0-config-gnome libproxy0-config-kde4 libpulse-mainloop-glib0 libpython2_6-1_0-32bit libqt4-qt3support-32bit libslab-lang libslab0 libsmbios2-32bit libsndfile-32bit libstdc 46 libstdc 46-32bit libtalloc2 libtalloc2-32bit libtasn1-3-32bit libtelepathy-glib0 libtevent0 libudev0 libudev0-32bit libunique-1_0-0 libusb-1_0-0 libxklavier15 lsb-release meanwhile mozilla-kde4-integration mozilla-xulrunner192 mozilla-xulrunner192-gnome mpt-firmware okular perl-Crypt-Open SSL-RSA perl-IO-Socket-INET6 perl-Mail-DKIM perl-Mail Tools perl-Net Addr-IP perl-Socket6 perl-WWW-Curl perl-apparmor plasma-addons plasmoid-quickaccess pulseaudio-lang python-argparse python-numpy python-tk re2c samba-client-32bit subscription-tools suse-sam-data tunctl xz xz-lang yast2-dbus-client yast2-dbus-server zypper-log The following packages are going to be REMOVED: Policy Kit-kde Policy Kit-kde-lang cifs-mount gtksourceview kde4-akonadi kde4-akregator kde4-ark kde4-dolphin kde4-gwenview kde4-kaddressbook kde4-kalarm kde4-kcalc kde4-kdepasswd kde4-kdessh kde4-kdm kde4-kdm-branding-SLED kde4-keditbookmarks kde4-kfind kde4-kfloppy kde4-kgpg kde4-kio_sysinfo kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-SLED kde4-kiosktool kde4-kmail kde4-kmix kde4-knotes kde4-konqueror kde4-konqueror-plugins kde4-konqueror-plugins-lang kde4-konsole kde4-kontact kde4-kopete kde4-korganizer kde4-ksnapshot kde4-ktimetracker kde4-kupdateapplet-zypp kde4-kwalletmanager kde4-kwikdisk kde4-kwin kde4-kwrite kde4-okular kde4-plasma-addons kde4-plasmoid-quickaccess kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher libgcc43 libgcc43-32bit libgomp43 libgomp43-32bit libpfm3 libpulsecore7 libsoup libstdc 43 libstdc 43-32bit libxklavier linux32 perl-libapparmor pfmon powerdevil powerdevil-lang qlogic-firmware x11-input-synaptics The following packages are going to change architecture: apparmor-docs apparmor-utils gnome-doc-utils yast2-schema The following packages are not supported by their vendor: libmysqlclient15 libmysqlclient_r15 mysql mysql-client Overall download size: 1002.0 M.My main interest is using mirror sites to upgrade applications, although a list of local (Australian) mirrors for system upgrades would be good too.Well, there's a list of mirrors here, including a number of mirrors within and

I need to find an article that details how I use Ya ST to update applications on SUSE 9.1.

After running my laptop for some time already on open SUSE Factory, I decided to update my workstation now as well to open SUSE Factory – thus upgrading it to open SUSE 11.2 Milestone 8.

Instead of the “old” but still working way of burning a media, booting from it and upgrading my system, I did the “new” way of open SUSE 11.2: Updating in place with “zypper dup”. ] (y): y Now I’m blogging this from my 11.2 Milestone 8 system!

Such media can include streamers, removable hard disks, or ZIP drives.

This primarily applies to files stored in The hard disk controller manufactured by Promise is currently found on high-end motherboards in numerous computer models, either as a pure IDE controller (for UDMA 100) or as an IDE-RAID controller.

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